EAF Dust (Electric Arc Furnace)

Primarily zinc-containing filter dust from electric arc furnace steelmaking (EAF Dust) and other zinc-bearing residues are processed, to a high zinc concentrate, the so called Waelz oxide, using the SDHL Waelz process.

Stainless Steel Dust

The recycling services for EAF Dust from stainless steel production and residues containing nickel, chromium and molybdenum from other sources is performed at two locations in Europe.

Galvanization Residues

The residues are remelted or processed in the American or French process to zinc oxide. 

Logistic Solutions

Befesa provides reliable and safe logistics solutions for the handling of residues as well as the recycled materials.

Administrative services

Befesa offers to its customers a comprehensive support in applying for the necessary permits (notifications) to transport hazardous waste.


The Service and Logistic team at Befesa will handle all requests and needs with great care and immediate attention.