When producing stainless steel by electric arc furnace or other metallurgical processes - filter dust, mill scales and others residues, containing a number of valuable but hazardous elements are generated as a residue.

The recycling services of EAF Dust from stainless steel production and residues containing nickel, chromium and molybdenum from other sources is performed at two locations in Europe. The technologies applied are the submerged arc reduction smelting at Befesa Valera S.A.S., Gravelines (France) and the plasma reduction smelting at Befesa ScanDust AB, Landskrona (Sweden).

More than 150 thousand tons of these residues can be serviced and processed per year at Befesa, protecting the environment from hazardous dust by recovering the metals and re-feeding them into the production process so that new, high quality stainless steel can be produced.

Befesa Steel Dust Services is therefore a strategic, reliable partner of the European and global stainless-steel makers for the treatment of their residues.