Today, steel scrap recycling is of great significance to preserve natural resources and protect the environment. Around 40 % of the steel produced in Europe stems from the recycling of steel scrap by the electric arc furnace (EAF) process. The off gases of this process are cleaned and 15 to 20 kg of filter dust are collected per ton of steel produced. About 70% of the annual quantity of the zinc-containing EAF Dust in Europe are recycled in a Waelz process.

The patented SDHL Waelz processes the achievement of continuous, innovative optimization of the classic Waelz process. Especially in terms of feed preparation, zinc recovery and energy optimization.

The recycling processes of Befesa Steel Dust Recycling Services are considered as the best available technology (BAT) by the "Reference Document on Best Available Techniques in the Non-Ferrous Metals Industries" (BREF) drafted at the request of the European Commission.

Befesa Steel Dust Recycling Services operations achieve a dual environmental benefit: On the one hand, the deposit or landfill of EAF Dust is avoided; on the other hand, the mining of natural zinc resources is reduced.

Befesa Steel Dust Recycling Services recycles more than 650 thousand tons of EAF crude steel dust, stainless steel dust and other zinc-bearing residues per year. Since 2012 Befesa Zinc operates a washing facility in the north of France which uses state-of-the art equipment and processes to further upgrade the Waelz oxide.