Safety in Hazardous Residues Management

Hazardous residues are a challenge in the steel and stainless-steel industry. Befesa Steel Dust Recycling Services offers its customers a maximum reliability of residual treatment by applying the highest technological standards and professional concepts.

The treatment of hazardous waste must fulfil very rigorous requirements with respect to the technology employed and environmentally safe operation.

Befesa Steel Dust Recycling Services offers custom-tailored services to meet specific needs and minimizing the risks of the clients regarding all issues of residue treatment.

Recycling. Technology leadership

The technological leadership of Befesa Steel Dust Services regarding the pyrometallurgical treatment of EAF Dust is expressed by the proprietary development of the SDHL technology. This technique marks a decisive step of optimizing the conventional Waelz process by increasing the recovery and reducing the utilization of non-renewable resources.

The dusts and scales generated in stainless steel mills as a by-product are processed in Befesa Steel Dust Recycling Services. The recycling facilities use the plasma-arc and submerged arc furnace technology. Through these processes metal alloys are recovered with a maximum of product quality and returned afterwards to the stainless steel mills as a secondary raw material.

The environmental requirements placed on the steel industry have increased and Befesa Steel Dust Recycling Services is therefore continually improving, developing and modifying its treatment technologies in order to meet market and regulatory demands.

Exacting standards are setting the bar high

As a leading company in the market, Befesa Steel Dust Recycling Services ensures a maximum of quality, service as well as innovation. We are committed to long standing customer relationships, aiming at the same time as an innovation leader in the market.